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About This Campaign:
Write off up to 85% off your debt.

Payable Action:
1st Page Submit

Pixel Tracked:Yes

CPA/ Commissions CPA £10.00
Status Apply To Run
Allowed Countries
Offer Expires Ongoing
Media Permitted Network , Email , Display , Newsletter ,
Restrictions No email sends Friday-Sunday
No Incentive Traffic
Scrubs on:
-Name Not Known – Phone number(s) provided don’t match lead name.
-Dead Line – The phone number(s) provided are disconnected.
-Hoax Lead – Name given on the lead is obviously fake, i.e micky mouse.
- Test Leads
-Duplicates – Leads generated on this campaign within last 30 days
– When click to lead submission is less than 15 seconds
– Click and conversion IP’s don’t match
– IP is a public proxy
– IP is outside of the UK

Failure to follow these restrictions will lead to all traffic being removed.

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