Display Listing Details Explained

Benefits of Display Listings on Affiliate Marketing UK and OfferGrabber

If you are considering a premium display listing or a display listing without the Premium package what will you receive?

A Premium display listing differs from a Display Listing only in 2 significant ways:

  1. A Premium display Listing sees that your listing will remain at the very top of your selected Category Page for the term of your subscription.
  2. A Premium display Listing also allows you to submit one fully optimised blog per month to promote your Affiliate Products or Services – including a single ‘follow’ link.

If you are considering simply a Display Listing, then although you do not have any inclusive blog posts within your Category, you may still submit blogs on a ‘pay as you go‘ basis at a rate of £5.99 per article submission. For Non- Display Listing Article Submissions (Stand Alone Blogging for your Program) – submissions cost £9.99 per Blog.

Blogging Services:

The same terms and conditions apply as for both Premium Display or Display only listings – Post subjects and headers must be unique or they will be rejected. Once you have subscribed you will be provided with a URL where you can submit your posts directly to our database for approval. Providing all rules are observed articles will not be moderated and Blog Posts will be simply published within 24 hours. All Blog posts will be Categorised as you determine – You choose what to submit as your H1 Header Tag. You choose even the page Title Tag, plus you get to name name your own page: www.affiliate-marketing.co./your-blog-post-url-extension . You are also allowed to add 3- 4 tags, a single image and most importantly, you get to add a single ‘follow’ link with anchor text within your blog post.

Where will I get Found?

Although there is currently little or no content on many of the Category pages, they are still largely being found on Google in the top ten for search terms such as ‘Clothing Affiliate Programs uk’ ‘Betting affiliate Programs uk’, ‘Beauty affiliate programs uk’ and other more generic search terms such as ‘Best UK affiliate programs’. The power of your listing is latent and will help your category page reach even dizzier heights. Take our Dating page for example, which has only 3 current listings or check out some of the terms for which it can be found (below). Remembering that the dating keyword is one of the most competitive in search. Getting on board early will give you ‘First-In’ advantage to get the jump on some of the superpowers in your marketplace. Here are a few examples of competitive keyword phrases if you would like to try them for yourself?

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  • Best affiliate programs UK
  • Dating Affiliate Programs uk
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  • Gambling & Betting Affiliate Programs
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Display Listing Features:

You can check out how your display listing will work by looking at some of the independent programs listed on our Dating Page. (opens on a new tab). Your Listing comprises of 2 primary features – A Preview Area with Preview image and Program Preview text (below), and an expanded drop down Program Details area (right). Both Areas carry highly visible links for visitors to follow and Join your program. If you have subscribed to our Premium Listing package then your Listing will simply stay at the top of the page for the duration of your subscription term.

If you have purchased a Display Listing, the Program details area is your opportunity to sell your Program to Affiliates and Publishers so is important to provide salient points such as payment terms, details of EPC’s and your support structure.


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