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Join As A Merchant Today – We Are Recruiting Now For Ambitious Health & Beauty Brands

If you are a merchant with either and established or exciting new brand in Health, Beauty or General wellbeing, then why not join our Health & Beauty Network Partner and get your sales kick-started or improve your current sales volume multiple times over?

10 – 15,000 Affiliates Are Poised Ready To Promote Your Brand..

Health & Beauty affiliate MarketingOur Health and Fitness Network Partner pride themselves in developing brands on-line and are extremely successful in generating multiple listings on the search engines for your products. By engaging with our Health and Beauty Network, not only will you immediately gain access to between 10 – 15,000 performing Health, Beauty and Fitness specific affiliates, but you will tap into the experience of a network which knows your market and it’s needs in this very competitive multi-billion dollar niche.

Capsiplex (above) enjoyed huge sales via one of their PR campaigns. As a Network Brand the affiliate net was cast so far and wide for their products that they couldn’t fail to capitalise on their marketing investment. Without the presence of thousands of affiliate landing pages and articles giving testimony to the brand, helping Capsiplex build trust with their audience, there’s little doubt that many competitor brands would have also benefited from such exposure.

If you would like us to review your particular needs, we would be very happy to hear from you and discuss where we can help out. Our partners will get 110% behind the promotion of your brand and it’s products and will even allocate a dedicated brand manager to handle the on-boarding process right through to the launch of your affiliate program and beyond. In fact, your Brand Manager will stay with your for the duration, throughout the ongoing promotion of your products via thousands of loyal affiliates to a new and more expansive customer base..

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Committment to Longevity Breeds Success

As a Health & Beauty Brand joining our carefully selected roll of quality, proven and sustainable merchants, you can expect your sales to grow quickly and exponentially. Understanding our ethos is as important for you as it is for us to understand your needs. Our Brands have experience unrivalled growth in this market because they thrive on our support our endeavour and our enthusiasm to make their Brands a success online. Our Brand relationships are unique and our partnership in striving for even greater success and growth hinges solidly on a mutual commitment to longevity, sustainability and in providing the best Health & Beauty affiliates in the world with the most compelling affiliate propositions available anywhere in online Health & Wellbeing Brand marketing.

To Contact us today, simply fill out the form above and we will be in touch to discuss your needs. If you prefer to review some more information on your particular market or area of health and beauty before contacting us, then please feel free to review our catalogue of brands who can be found previewed on the pages listed below:


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