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Best Paying Fat Burning & Binding Affiliate Programs

Find some of the best selling Fat Burning and Fat Binding affiliate programs. Choose from this short selection of top performing programs or if you are looking for other weight loss products to publish then check out our Dieting and Weight Loss Affiliate Programs Page.

All of these programs are available through just one Network, so you can simply sign up just the once and get immediate access to each and every one of them via a single login. Don’t forget, if you are already involved in publishing to the wider weight loss marketplace then our network also carries many more programs where you can promote dieting solutions including appetite suppressants, naturally formulated slimming pills, carb blockers to name just a few. You can view these related programs here.

Fat Burners For Affiliates

There are any number of fat burning affiliate programs on the market, including a whole host of related weight loss merchants. On this page you will only find some of the best performing programs which have been tried and tested by hundreds of affiliates who are now making substantial commissions on a daily basis by promoting products which consistently deliver and convert.

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Capsiplex is one of the network’s best performing Fat Burning Pills – One affiliate alone managed to sell over 700 product bundles in a single day when Capsiplex were running a very strong and high profile PR Campaign!


Phen375 is a well established Fat Burning phentermine replacement Product. The above shows just one customer who has used the product to great success. Many more images like these can be found within the program’s portfolio of affiliate promo tools.

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Aside from the great range of collateral you will be supplied with, including articles, calls to action suggestions, videos, testimonials and much more, once you have joined the network you will have instant access to your very own brand dedicated Account Manager. You will enjoy excellent support, including first class response times and whatsmore your very own Brand Specialist who knows the product inside out will be only too pleased to help you get your campaigns up and running.



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