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Sports & Fitness Affiliate Marketing – Networks & Affiliate Sales

10,000 – 15,000 Sales Agents with a ready made customer base..

“The power needed to transform a collection of products into a brand comes with having thousands of ‘virtual’ online sales agents making as many as 150 ‘real’ sales a day for you.”

The world of Sports Performance & Fitness is a multi billion dollar industry. To make headway and build your brand in such a market place will require multiple channels to market both online and off. One of the quickest routes to build rapid sales volume online is to “license” the sale of your products via an affiliate network. However, not all affiliate networks will have the expertise to get your brand in front of the precise customer base simply because they have not positioned themselves correctly in your market. Only a specialist, niche affiliate network who knows your market inside out and back to front can deliver the sort of results you need to take your sports performance sales to the next level. More details..

Network Affiliate Sales of Sports & Fitness Products

Bronx Sports is just one of the Brands on the Network and is now increasing their share of a market which is worth some £700 million in the UK alone.

In order to join one of the World’s top Health, Fitness and Beauty Networks who specialise in only a very few closely related markets, you will need to have a driving ambition for your brand. Only carefully selected brands are able to join our Network partners and whilst you needn’t be a household name (yet) we’d really like you to have those kind of aspirations. To discover how we can help you make a real dent in those sales targets and to take advantage of our Networks already established ability to build a sustainable online strategy that you can afford, simply fill out our form requesting contact and we will be happy to put you in touch. Or, if you still need further information on our network partners please see here.


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