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Sports, Fitness & Wellbeing Affiliate Programs

We have two great sports fitness programs available for Affiliates looking to publish and sell products in this niche. Locate a world of sports nutrition supplements, weight gain, energy, muscle building and general wellbeing products and earn 30% Commission!

For other realted wellbeing affiliate programs which you can access via the same network then please visit our from the Weight Loss, Fat Burning, and Health & Beauty pages where you will find a host of other brands and merchants to complement the featured sports fitness programmes in this category.

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When you sign up to our sports and fitness brands you will be genuinely surprised at the level of resources and collateral you will find right at your fingertips. Source everything from banners, magazine articles, testimonials, videos and CTA’s to help you convert your first sales. Your dedicated brand manager will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have about the products; ask them about best sellers and new offers and they will only be too happy to support you with what you need!

Sports Fitness Products

weight Gain Affiliate Products

The Sports & Fitness Market Place is a multi Billion dollar industry worldwide with simply 1000’s of products available to choose from. As a consumer it is really important to find a brand you can trust and stick with in order to achieve your fitness targets. Our two merchants in this category not only provide a range of sports nutrition and fitness products that have a great body of evidence behind them, but they will also provide you with such a diverse choice of products that you will be able to cover a multitude of sports disciplines by tapping into just two brands!

Bronx Sport and Desirable Body Together these programs will provide you over 50 products to publish. Everything from Whey Protein, Rapid Weight Loss, Creatine Rapid Muscle Recovery to Tanning products! All products available for worldwide distribution. 30% commissions paid on New Sales and Re-Orders.. plus.. less than a 2% return rate!


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