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Teeth Whitening & Cosmetic Dental Affiliate Programs

Locate two great Teeth Whitening Affiliate programs here. Both of these merchants can be found on the same network so you get two for one when you sign up. To join these top paying cosmetic dental affiliate programs today, simply click on the PROGRAM DETAILS links and look for the sign up buttons.

If you have other sites in the health and Beauty market, then don’t forget to check out our other merchants available from the same Network. Why not promote Skin Care, Sports and Fitness, and Health & Beauty offers alongside your teeth whitening offerings and get more cross sells into the bargain?

Teeth Whitening Affiliates

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Our Teeth whitening programs are two of the best to be found anywhere. Paying between 30 and 40%, both of these Merchants have a proven track record in affiliate sales and would be delighted to welcome you aboard. Boasting many unique features and avoiding the agonisingly long and arduous processes that other regular teeth whiteners ask to put you through, these products should appear like a breath of fresh air to your readership.

Mint Cosmetics and Zero Peroxide Have a huge demographic of 18 to 55 year olds. Predominantly used by women (between 64 and 74%) – the products can be sold worldwide and enjoys less than a 2% return rate, with Mint Cosmetics actually performing at under 1%.

Reasons to Join Today!

Because you are aware of the opportunity to sell these teeth whitening products, you will be happy to learn that your efforts will not go unsupported. Whereas with many networks you are simply left to your own devices, at the home of these two great little programs you’ll find all the response and resources you could ever ask for. Speak to your account manager as soon as you have signed up to start using the best converting collateral at your disposal and start making those sales.

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